Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network—As a co-founder of VECAN in 2005, NZV appreciates and understands the power of grassroots advocacy. VECAN’s network of Energy Committees and non-profit organizations span the Green Mountain State.

NZV, with others including Efficiency Vermont, is providing technical assistance, support and guidance to the Barre City Energy Committee. Specifically, in public education, engagement and strategic planning efforts.

Barre City is underway, analyzing a City-wide energy survey, planning special campaigns and collecting stories from energy champions to encourage neighbors to do the same. Social media posts “Energy Tip Tuesdays” and “Transportation Tip Thursdays” are ways the Committee is staying engaged with the Community on FPF and FB.

Groups like Barre City, are at the heart of are encouraging a growing number of people to access rebates and incentives to reduce energy use, household costs and climate impacts through conservation, energy efficiency and conversion to renewable energy sources.

NZV continues to innovate, organize, build capacity of rising local leaders and capture and share stories to VECAN’s spear of activities.

It is the network, coalition and regular recognition of good work that builds the capacity of energy committees across Vermont to contribute to actions that move shared goals to community and statewide climate resilience.

Net Zero Vermont staff and board members organize and lead workshops, retreats, and provide critical resources to enable grassroots work. NZV also shares the work of energy committees to help accelerate efforts to adapt and strengthen community resiliency. Learn more at