Net Zero Vermont supports community and statewide projects that are aligned with its mission for a low-carbon future. Over the years, NZV has advanced innovative projects that benefit people, neighborhoods, communities and the state as a whole including:

  • Community engagement projects,
  • Local and regional energy and engagement strategies,
  • High-performance schools initiative including specific transportation efficiency programs with partners,
  • Community-owned in-pipe micro-hydroelectric systems,
  • Solar PV projects, solar financing and investments and PPA’s
  • Award-winning transportation efficiency projects including the Way to Go! Transportation Challenge,
  • Education on and assessment of climate and energy policies, and
  • The SUSTAINABLE MONTPELIER 2030 Design Competition, the first of a series of projects to help Vermont communities create a shared public vision for how to build a stronger, healthier, more economically vibrant, and sustainable future.

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