The following Net Zero Vermont community partners are working on a variety of tools, projects, studies and plans that may be helpful in your work to move to a post carbon future.

Vermont is privileged to have a large number of organizations and groups dedicated to building a sustainable future. The groups listed below, may provide good background and an understanding of the environment within which we live in Vermont to support a sustainable future for our communities and beyond.

Drive Electric Vermont

Efficiency Vermont

Energy Action Network

Energy Independent Vermont

Go! Vermont

Post Carbon Institute

Renewable Energy Vermont

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

Vermont Council on Rural Development

Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network

Vermont Arts Council

Vermont Natural Resources Council

Vermont Public Interest Research Group

Vermont Rail Action Network

Vital Communities

Books, Blogs & Sources

There are numerous resources that Net Zero Vermont suggests for reading, of which will be added during the competition period. The following publication, however, is a “must read” to better understand the complexities of the problem of embedded energy. This book is available for reading online at below link.

Our Renewable Future, Laying the Path for One Hundred Percent Clean Energy, Heinberg, Richard and David Fridley (2016) Post Carbon Institute, 225 p.

Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity. An economic research and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of Learn more about Martenson’s insights on his Blog at  Are Net Zero Cities Possible