Middlebury Transportation Task Force Moves Action Steps Forward

At its January meeting, the Transportation Task Force of Middlebury prioritized a list of action steps to improve transit ridership and bike infrastructure, launch a bike/bus arts campaign and ensure the new train station is connected to other transportation modes. The task force is sponsored by the Vermont Council on Rural Development, Middlebury officials, and resource partners, with a mission to grow the climate economy by building a more robust public transportation network including ridesharing, biking, and walking in the greater Middlebury area.

The 15-member volunteer task force determined that the train station would dovetail nicely with rail improvements already underway in downtown Middlebury. The task force named improving public transit and biking and walking infrastructure, launching a bike/bus community arts campaign, and promoting ridesharing as a viable transportation option as its overall priorities, with the train station topping the list.

The next Transportation Task Force meeting is Monday, March 12, 3:00 PM, at Addison County Transit Resources, 297 Creek Road, Middlebury. Contact Dorothy Mammen, 802-388-7240 or Laura Asermily, 802-388-9478.