Net Zero Vermont, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. Net Zero Vermont (NZV) is dedicated to advancing sustainable development of our downtowns, transforming our transportation and energy systems to low carbon alternatives and raising public awareness about the importance of moving to a post-carbon future.

Net Zero Vermont’s mission is to encourage people to adopt a shared vision for a sustainable future, meaning to re-localize, re-direct and leverage the necessary resources to build model sustainable towns and cities across Vermont and beyond. NZV is committed to education, outreach and public engagement about departing from a century of a fossil-fuel dependent lifestyles and moving to an integrated system of efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy options.

Your donations to help us continue this work are appreciated. You can mail your donation to:

Net Zero Vermont, Inc.
1042 Dorset Street
Charlotte, VT 05445 

Or, click the link below and donate via PayPal.


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