Wayto Go! School COmPetition 


The 2017 Way To Go! School Challenge is back! All K–12 schools in Vermont are encouraged to get on board to battle carbon pollution.

Way to Go! School Challenge–NZV partners with more than two-dozen entities to coordinate this popular two-week event, encouraging thousands of Vermonters of all ages to choose an efficient transportation option, September 26 – October 7th. The Way to Go! Challenge is a fun event, includes incentives and ideas on how to travel more efficiently all year long. This year, organizers have a special school challenge, offering the top K-12 School the chance to win a solar tracker. A key goal is to grow a culture of smart travel choices and to practice sustainable transportation throughout the school year. This project is expanding curriculum-based learning about the future transportation system and the need to be more efficient. Learn more at http://www.waytogovt.org.