Net Zero Vermont, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. It is composed of a group of visionary professionals, committed to a sustainable future for Vermont–one that is safe, secure and enjoyable. Net Zero Vermont (NZV) is dedicated to advancing sustainable development of our downtowns, transforming our transportation and energy systems to low carbon alternatives and raising public awareness about the importance of moving to a post-carbon future.

Working for the Future

The 2021 Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan goal encourages the State to transition from a 90% fossil fuel based economy to a 90% renewable economy by 2050. Climate experts believe that the 2050 goal is too distant and that a significant transition must happen more quickly. NZV believes in a green and just recovery, encouraging more communities to set a net zero commitment, invite entities to join around the table, and advance platforms to finance decarbonization. We support a vision of entities at all levels to put forth their vision, work collectively to prepare for a climate-changed future.

As a nonprofit with deep roots in the public effort to curb fossil fuel consumption, we are working to improve community resiliency, developing roadmaps, and the capacity to access to tools and information that help businesses and communities to do their part. We help design, resource and advance best means necessary for those interested in making a measurable difference.

It is our mission to support a multi-leveled approach engage people by promoting such tools as:

  • proven programs and model projects,
  • expert guidance and contemporary research,
  • access to information, education and networking events,
  • emerging technologies, and
  • obtaining the right mix of resources.

Core Staff

Debra Sachs, Executive Director
Net Zero Vermont
802-238-9807 M or 802-658-8487 D

Jane Krohn, Community Engagement Coordinator

Stuart Lindsay, Walk to Shop Coordinator

Phil Hammerslough, Walk to Shop Coordinator