Walk to Shop

Net Zero Vermont is empowering Vermonters to leave their cars at home and walk to complete errands through the Walk to Shop project. Initial results show 100% of trolley owners are displacing car trips! If you participated in this program, please help us learn more about your experience by taking this brief survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GST952X

Park Your Carbon Week

MAY 16-20, 2022
Park Your Carbon Week is just around the corner! Add your name to the hundreds of Vermonters to make on Small Change. Big Impact.
Let us know Want your favorite low carbon way of getting around? How about a healthy option, one that can save you some money and even be fun? Your action will reduce carbon pollution in Vermont and impact worldwide climate change. Park Your Carbon is a week-long event to help park a car and change transportation and commuting habits by choosing green ways of travel. Do it for a day, a week and make it a habit. Bike. Walk. Share Your Ride. Bus. Work From Home, May 16-20 and beyond.  No matter how small a trip, do let us know you are Parking Your Carbon at https://www.connectingcommuters.org/parkyourcarbon/

Latest News

According to the EPA, more than 10 billion miles in the U.S. are trips under one mile. Walk to Shop is making a dent one trolley at a time.