Walk to Shop

Net Zero Vermont is empowering Vermonters to leave their cars at home and walk to complete errands through the Walk to Shop project. Initial results show 100% of trolley owners are displacing car trips! If you participated in this program, please help us learn more about your experience by taking this brief survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GST952X

Looking Ahead Statewide

While world leaders assemble at COP26, people across Vermont are engaged in planning and taking actions to reverse our dependency on fossil fuels. Net Zero Vermont is advancing its mission statewide by engaging citizens and decision-makers, and through special initiatives including Walk to Shop, encouraging more people to walk more often. We now more than 100 people have joined Walk to Shop!

Latest News

According to the EPA, more than 10 billion miles in the U.S. are trips under one mile. Walk to Shop is making a dent one trolley at a time.